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Manu-O-Ku - Passage to Palau

My 19 day passage from the Solomon Islands to Palau, arriving March 6, 2012.  With unusually favorable east to northeast winds forecast for these latitudes (07S to 07N), I decided to bypass PNG and do a long passage directly to Palau.  I love (and missed) long passages.  With an enthusiastic, fast learning and very competent crew, Nat, this passage was awesome... entirely under sail, since the auxiliary motor decided to call it quits just after leaving the end of Choiseul Island in the Solomons.  This video, besides documenting the passage, evolved into a personal expression of myself, my lifestyle, and reflects on my father's influence on my life... enjoy!

One Anchorage - Manu-O-Ku in Palau

Anchored here for 3 days, I thought... stayed a week, quietly rowing my dinghy around, amid the peaceful sounds and beauty of the incredible nature, and constantly changing light.  Within minutes of my first row, the name and idea for this film came to me, and what I have put together here is just a glimpse of the surrounding area of one anchorage, of one island, of the Rock Islands of Palau.

Manu-O-Ku - A Taste of Palau

Just a wee taste of Palau... a little of the mooring area near the Royal Belau Yacht Club in Malakal Harbor, and a bit of my first venture down to the Rock Islands.

Manu-O-Ku in the Solomon Islands

After two months in Vanuatu, I left November 2, 2011, singlehanding from Oyster Island on Santo, heading for Gizo, in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands.  A slow 7 day exhausting passage..... then exploring the area for the next 3 months.

Manu-O-Ku in Vanuatu, part 2, The Northern Islands

After spending a few weeks in Port Vila, I left with a new crew/friend for the northern islands of Vanuatu in October, 2011. After a stop in Havannah Harbor on Efate, around the corner from Port Vila, we continued up to the islands of Epi, Ambrym, Pentecost, Maewo, Ambae and Espiritu Santo. This is a brief glimpse into the sailing and cultural interaction we had in some of the villages. A fantastic experience in a awesome and lovely country.

Manu-O-Ku in Vanuatu

With a friend as crew, I sailed Manu-O-Ku, my Searunner 37 trimaran, from Fiji to the southern islands of Vanuatu.  A long video, but actually it’s just a glimpse of the sailing, cultural experiences and village interaction we had on 4 different islands... Aneityum, Tanna, Aniwa, and Erromango.

Three Sunsets to Fiji

Sailing my Searunner 37, Manu-O-Ku, singlehanded from Ha'apai, Tonga to Savusavu, Fiji June 28-July 1, 2011.

Manu-O-Ku - Charters in Tonga

Manu-O-Ku is my Searunner 37 trimaran... I live aboard, and up until June, 2011 was based in Vava'u, Tonga, doing multiple day, "share the sail" charters for couples. I am now in the Philippines, with plans to stay awhile... if you are interested in a share the sail adventure in the Philippines, visit my website, www.manuoku.com and contact me!

Manu-O-Ku - Arrival in the Philippines

My singlehanded passage from Palau in western Micronesia to the Philippines, and some reflections of my first two weeks in the Visayas, Philippines.

Anthea Sunset Sail

A gift for my friend Gary, owner of Anthea, a classic 1929 Charles Nicholson designed 8 meter class sailboat.  He took a bunch of us out for a sunset sail a few days ago here in Malakal Harbor, Palau before he soon sails her back to the Philippines.  Thanks Gary!

Mananita - Residents Above

I always grab the chance to film or photograph Manu-O-Ku(s), the fairy, white or love tern, Gygis Alba, the namesake of my Searunner 37 trimaran.  There are so many seabirds at Mananita, in the Vava'u Group, Tonga... Red-Footed Boobies, Great Frigates, Noddy Terns and many more... love watching them all.  All the footage in this film was shot one afternoon in January, 2011, while I was on charter with a couple who also love watching birds.

Manu-O-Ku Racing

Manu-O-Ku, my Searunner 37 trimaran, winning a fun, friendly race in Vava'u, Tonga.  The Vava'u Yacht Club organizes weekly races during the high season, between May and November.  This was was one of their rare, "unofficial", off-season races, with only 5 local boats participating.

Manu-O-Ku - Cyclone Rene

Feb 14-15, 2010 - Cyclone Rene directly hit Vava'u and then the rest of Tonga. A glimpse of the experience aboard my boat, Manu-O-Ku in Neiafu Harbour, Vava'u.  Manu-O-Ku is a Searunner 37 trimaran designed by Jim Brown

Pa’a ‘Eono 2011

May 2011, 2nd annual Pa'a 'Eono ironman outrigger canoe race, allowing unlimited designs.  Two legs, two days in a row... Maui to Moloka'i, and then Moloka'i to O'ahu.  This is the winning canoe of both days, Kamanu Composites' Ka'apahu, designed and built by my son for the race, and crewed by Team Kamanu.  *NEWS Mar 12, 2012 - same canoe just won the 3 day Olamau Race with team Primo paddling it.... congrats to Team Primo, Kamanu Composites and my son Keizo!  *And.. Congrats again Kamanu Composites for another win, Pa'a 'Eono 2012, with yet another new design... "Kamanu"

Paddling Vanuatu Style

While Manu-O-Ku was anchored off of Ranon village on Ambrym Island in Vanuatu, these boys in their dugout canoes visited us.  I suggested a race, which, they say, they never did before!  I had to paddle a couple runs with them as well.

Manu-O-Ku Sailing Adventures

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