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If you arrived here looking to sail in Tonga, I suggest:    my vimeo page with some of my videos    my youtube channel with all my videos   This is still up for historical/archival sake, it is the power cat that I built in Hawaii in 2000, and originally had planned to build more.    Outrigger canoe paddling resource, the site was created by my son over 10 years ago and he still maintains it.  My son’s company in Hawai’i... cutting edge design and manufacture of outrigger canoes    Jim Brown’s site regarding the history of the modern multihull

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updated June, 2016

We are looking for people interested in “sharing the sail” between June 2016 and May 2017 in the northern part of Palawan, Philippines, particularly El Nido and Coron/Busuanga.  Manu-O-Ku is our home, and our lifestyle is sailing our home, exploring/visiting new and familiar places.  We would like to share the experience on a limited basis.  From 2007 to 2011 I had a successful charter business in Vava’u Tonga, mostly taking couples sailing for 3-7 days, and now here in the Philippines, we wish to share our home and lifestyle in the same casual way as I did in Tonga.  I encourage you to google El Nido and Coron in the province of Palawan, and see the area where we are currently sailing.  July and August are the peak months of the SW monsoon (Habagat) and is potentially more rainy and unstable but still beautiful and adventurous.  Mid September the weather again improves with the slow transition to the nice weather of the Amihan (NE monsoon), lasting until early June (2017).

For overnight adventures from 3 to 7 (or more) nights, Manu-O-Ku is ideally set up and is very comfortable for a couple, or a single person. 0ur concept of hosting guests is a “share the experience” kind of thing, not a wait on you hand and foot kind of thing.  We are not a “tour boat”, we are sharing  the experience of liveaboard sailing and the self reliance of our lifestyle.  Depending on your wishes and the weather, we will discuss and decide together our sailing plans, destination, and activities each day, even our meals..... we’ll cook, but you’re welcome to cook some too (or do the dishes!). Maybe we will catch a fish. A minimum amount of your help will be needed when we are sailing, anchoring, etc, but you are welcome to learn and participate as much as you want, including taking the helm. There will also be lots of opportunities for time to yourselves.  Manu-O-Ku has a central cockpit with a forward cabin and aft cabin.  There is a  guest double bunk in the forward cabin.  Food tends to be simple, healthy, and delicious.  Day sails are also available.

If you’re interested in sailing with us here in Palawan anytime from now until May, 2017, contact us for more info and to discuss options.  Later we plan to sail outside of the Philippines, probably back into the Pacific... maybe Palau, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands...

Palawan, Philippines - 2016-17 El Nido, Port Barton, Coron/Busuanga
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