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Manu-O-Ku is a Searunner 37’ trimaran designed by Jim Brown.  I have owned her 30 years, have sailed her over 35,000 nautical miles, and is my only home.  This lifestyle works for me... a nomadic self reliant lifestyle, on the oceans, among islands... sailing your home, wandering the world yet sleeping in your own bed...

Originally, I created this website in 2008 for the business I began in Vava’u Tonga, taking couples on 3-7 day sailing trips. I singlehandedly operated the business until June of 2011, when I sailed out of Tonga, returning to a nomadic lifestyle, and headed west...  Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Palau, Philippines.  During this period of cruising I had the pleasure of sharing it with a few different old and new guests...

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Now in Palawan, Philippines - El Nido & Coron/Busuanga

June 2016 until May 2017 we are offering

the opportunity to sail aboard Manu-O-Ku among the many beautiful islands of El Nido & Coron, Palawan Province, Philippines

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Palawan, Philippines 2016-17