I’m Steve, owner and captain of Manu-O-Ku, USCG 100 ton Master’s certificate (*now expired).  I lived in Hawaii for 31 years, raised two children, built one-off epoxy composite boats and repaired boats, in my own shop.  I sailed to Tonga in 2003 for a unique job... being the caretaker of a very remote 40 acre private island in the already remote central group of Tonga, Ha’apai.  It was rather idyllic, pristine island, Manu-O-Ku anchored in the lagoon... spending weeks at a time totally alone on the island.  I did that for 3 years, before sailing north to the Vava’u Group, and starting my charter business.  For the next 4 1/2 years I did mostly 3-7 night charters for couples.  It was quite fun and a nice lifestyle, but I always said that security is overrated, and the nomadic lifestyle was calling...  so I finally escaped my comfort zone, left Tonga in June, 2011 and sailed west...

I have always tried to live one day at a time.  I lived in Tonga for nearly 8 years, but it took me only the first 6 months for me to “upgrade” that life philosophy to “one moment at a time”.  The Tongans truly live this way, and the western world could learn a lot from them.

Tonga provided for me an incredibly comfortable comfort zone.... one very hard to leave.  However, I finally managed to do so in 2011.  After sailing back to the Ha’apai Group for a week, visiting the remote island that I lived on for 3 years, I singlehanded to Savusavu, Fiji, arriving July 1, 2011.  On to Vanuatu in September, then the Solomon Islands in November, and in February, 2012 made a 2000 nm passage to Palau in western Micronesia, and arrived in the Philippines on New Year’s Eve, 2012...

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life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans...  john lennon

Manu-O-Ku is a Searunner 37 trimaran designed by Jim Brown.  During the nearly 30 years of owning Manu-O-Ku, I have sailed her over 35,000 nautical miles, including 6 separate 3000 nautical mile, nonstop passages in the North and South Pacific.  As a boatbuilder, and career jack of all trades, I have done every bit of maintenance and upgrades myself.

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